About Us

Memes are powerful. Powerful enough to brighten up your bad day, make you unconsciously sneak a smile amidst everything that’s been stressing you out, and memes carry a whole bunch of emotions in itself. When a person likes the memes you share you both form a shatterproof bond, and you never break-up with a meme friend, do you? We know you are glad memes happened, and we are grateful you gave us space to be a part of your memeful journey.

Because we understand that memes are an inevitable part of our lives, we decided to give this whole concept an upgrade. A new version, better equipped to show your love for memes, and flaunt the real you. And that’s how Mokkaengineer’s Meme Merchandise Store came into being.

Tag along for memeliciously (pun intended) experiencing how being yourself is cool.

Always remember, someone's effort is a reflection of their trust in you and we stand by that. That’s about us, The Mokkaengineers.